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What to pack in your carry on luggage

Packing your luggage can be a series of trial and error until you find the ideal balance of what to pack in your travel carry-on.  Sometimes, it’s too light, lacking vital items. Sometimes, it’s too full and becomes unwle tips for packing the perfect domestic carry-ieldy and impractical. You can get it just right by adopting these five simpon.

  1. Primary vs Secondary:  Determine if your carry-on will be your primary luggage or a supplement to a larger suitcase you will be checking. This will impact the number and type of objects that are essential to include.
  2. Practice: Utilizing the current TSA guidelines, assemble your carry-on items in one location several days before your trip. Practice packing to maximize space. Remember to leave copies of important travel documents such as tickets, reservations, credit cards, prescriptions, and identification, with a loved one in case of an emergency. If your carry-on includes your travel clothes, try rolling them to maximize space and reduce wrinkles.
  3. Need vs Accessibility: Items in your carry-on must relate to your destination. In a larger city, you can access “just in case” items at a nearby store. Don’t take up precious room packing them. If your trip takes you into a remote region, your carry-on bag needs to comprise items of greater significance to avoid last-minute purchases. Be prepared. Traveling with a friend? Pack together and share items.
  4. Weather check: Consider what you will need when you get off the airplane. Sunglasses and a lightweight jacket vs gloves and a thick coat. Prepare for the appropriate climate to start your travel in comfortable fashion.
  5. Pack for the 3 R’s:

·         Required: What can you not exist without? This includes medicines, important travel documents, money, and clothes (if your carry-on is your only bag).

·       Relax: What would make your plane ride a relaxing start to your travels? Personal headphones, a great book or a light snack.

·         Rejuvenate: What items will help you reach your destination fresh and rejuvenated? A toothbrush and toothpaste, light make-up, clean socks and you’ll be ready for anything.

Thinking ahead and being prepared will make your carry-on just right. Happy travels!